Bureau project for showroom

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Our project for the showroom of the carpentry workshop showroom intersects with the experimental character of the brand. The architectural workshop is able to skillfully combine various materials in their projects, which is why the interior preserves the diversity of wood and brass. The arches as the main architectural element are the main concept of the room, they are everywhere: in the interior aisles and even in the form of a pattern with brass inserts on the parquet floor. But, of course, the view attracts the duplication of the arches of the window, which with each step increase in size and shift from the central axis, magically distorting the space. Especially for the interior of the showroom bureau VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR | FURNITURE designed furniture: table, puffs and shelves, which combines a variety of textures and textures: metal, velor, glass and marble.