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Our bureau participates in the RUSSIAN PROJECT 2018 competition from @interiorplusdesign magazine. In the DESIGN nomination there are two items from CLASSIC COLLECTION — RENAISSANCE TABLE and HINODE COMMODE. They are united by the reinterpretation and representation of the classics and traditions, namely the Renaissance and the Land of the Rising Sun. To create a collection, tremendous work was done: from the development of a concept to the materialization of inspiration and the search for unique ways of its realization.

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Rethinking in Russian Renaissance project

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Rethinking is the mastery of our age. Modern art is built on this, as is all postmodernism. In the Russian Renaissance project, the Vadim Maltsev bureau showed her vision of the revival of the Russian style: you see an example of how the wall of the facade of the Faceted Chamber plays an elegant but powerful role in the atmosphere of the bathroom. The arched ceiling with fresco directly refers to the classic Renaissance, demonstrating the compatibility and relevance of great eras in a modern and comfortable interior.

Triptych of Theodore Mother of God

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The graceful triptych of Theodore Mother of God was sold at Sotheby’s auction. Unusual detail, as if at the cathedral facade. An impressive icon of gilded silver and enamel was made by Kostroma masters — the Saveliev brothers. Kostroma presented the image of Nicholas II on the occasion of his wedding in 1894.

Bureau project for showroom

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Our project for the showroom of the carpentry workshop showroom intersects with the experimental character of the brand. The architectural workshop is able to skillfully combine various materials in their projects, which is why the interior preserves the diversity of wood and brass. The arches as the main architectural element are the main concept of the room, they are everywhere: in the interior aisles and even in the form of a pattern with brass inserts on the parquet floor. But, of course, the view attracts the duplication of the arches of the window, which with each step increase in size and shift from the central axis, magically distorting the space. Especially for the interior of the showroom bureau VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR | FURNITURE designed furniture: table, puffs and shelves, which combines a variety of textures and textures: metal, velor, glass and marble.

Buddha head’s collection

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Chinese artist Yang Maoyuan is known for his spherical sculptures and grotesque experiences with taxidermy. One of his series of works is called Face and is a Buddha head in the shape of ellipsoids created from different grades of marble. Looks pretty mystical and peaceful.


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We express our gratitude to the editor-in-chief of ELLE DECORATION Russia @alexeydorozhkin and website editor Irina Glotova for the interest, recognition and publication of an article about our furniture line and interview with the art director of the bureau Vadim Maltsev!

Henry Moore

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Henry Moore (1898-1986)
Reclining Figure: Hand (1979)
Bronze, 230 cm

Henry Moore’s large-scale sculptures glorified the beauty and power of organic forms at a time when the traditional avant-garde school largely eschewed such a view. Their impressive size and powerful presence have immense physicality, which contributes to the charged relationship between the sculpture, the place and the spectator.

The Oratory of the Passion apse

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An example of how the classic gallery space can give way to the charm of an authentic monastery of the 15th century. The only partially preserved decoration of the The Oratory of the Passion apse, adjacent to the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, inspires the use of space with modern art and furniture. Here, exhibitions and concerts are often held, installations are set up and a new revival is celebrated in the postmodern era.