Marina Gisich

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Today we want to tell about Marina Gisich, the founder of one of the first modern art galleries in St. Petersburg @marinagisichgallery .

We used pictures from exhibitions in our projects. The canvas of Gleb Bogomolov from the MARAT project always interests the public

The gallery promotes contemporary art from Russia. “Art should be Russian — not only by place of birth, but by thought ”says Marina in an interview. Marina invites you to the wonderful, uncommon and unusual world of creativity. I recommend you visit her gallery

Diana Vishneva

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Incredible dynamics and power are felt through Oriental motifs. Movement, impregnated with passion, and silhouettes that give inspiration.

Only one shot from the production of Scheherazade with Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomez causes so much emotion. The charming beauty of the east, charged with the talent of the prima ballerina #maltsevinspiration.

Kyuhyung Cho

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Nature is the best source of inspiration. Long ago, mankind used natural objects like naturally created stones as chairs and tables. To create a coffee table with an unusual shape Kyuhyung Cho was inspired by this era

The designer contrasts the imperfect plane of nature with the ideal surface created by man. Thanks to the feature, the whole polished round table top reflects and distorts lights. Although it is not perfectly flat and the edge is curved, things do not get slipped. Low-hill table fits well with other furniture of mete with refined curves.

Is it inventive?

Kara Mann

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Kara Mann is the star of the American fusion. Sometimes her interiors are dramatic, sometimes brilliant, but always inspiring. She has an impressive experience in the fashion industry, which has resulted in a distinctive bold style and personal vision at what true luxury is.


Pacha Lounge Chair

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We are extremely happy to see our 54 FLOOR PROJECT in @gubiofficial profile. Thank you 🙏🏻 ⠀ ⠀
“Lounging with a view! The magnificent apartment located on the 54th floor of the Neva Tower in Moscow includes the Pacha Lounge Chair. Interior by @maltsev_design. #gubi “


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Want to be there now?

MODERNISME is an architectural project of the VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR bureau. It was based on the concept and stylistic decisions of the era of modernism of the early 20th century, as well as impressions of Japan, its temples, traditional gardens, nature, as well as asceticism and simple forms.

Materials and colors are responsible for peace. Architectonics lies in clear forms, the primacy of texture and its harmony with the landscape.

Architectural solutions — one of the directions of the bureau. You can order a project by phone or DM.

François Champsaur

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Designer François Champsaur designed an apartment for displaying modern furniture and works of art. Architectural reception — when nothing distracts from the objects, and each object stands out from all.

But we caught the design of the fireplace by the studio of Eric Schmidt. It is made in the best traditions of French decorative art in a modern interpretation. Always timeless is a Parisian luxe and elegant minimalism! #maltsevinspiration

Robin F. Williams

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What do you think about feminism in art?

Robin F. Williams is a feminist painter breaking down ideas around femininity, sexuality, and gender roles by challenging these preconceived ideas through her portraits. Her paintings have a distinctly contemporary feeling through the various processes she uses in a single work.

Maddux Creative

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Do you like this interior?

Designing this space, the architects of Maddux Creative used expressive tricks. The original decor is the «geometric» painting ceilings. Interior items are creating a semblance of a painting canvas.