4 questions for the interior designer

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The process of finding an interior designer is similar to Dating. How to know if you’re on the same page? Are you fit together? Do you have the same vision? These are quite ordinary things that are worth learning from someone who may well become a friend for life. But if you have not worked with designers before and feel confused, turn the script over and take a short interview with them, and we will help you with the questions.

1. What defines your style and where do you find inspiration?

Take a look at the personality of the interior designer, ask him questions “What is your favorite completed project? What are your favorite colors in your projects? Where do you love to travel and how it can reflect in your work? Such questions are the core of the designer’s aesthetics and they will help you to understand how he navigates the creative process. See the favorite project of the chief designer of Vadim Maltsev Bureau http://maltsevdesign.com/fifty-four-floor-project/.

2. What are your experience and education?

Interior design is strongly associated with architecture, so the designer should know engineering communications and the building code well. Moreover, the visual experience is easier to get during the educational process. Every mistake of a beginner is the wasted customer’s money, the work of builders, spoiled building materials. And no one wants the designer to learn the hard way at your expense.

3. What do you find most challenging about designing something?

Understanding where a designer’s strengths and weaknesses lie will help you determine whether it is the right match for your project. You can ask about his negative experience, it will show how he copes with crisis situations.

4. How do you implement projects?

The value of working as a good interior designer goes beyond paying for good taste. Each designer has his own method of work, so it is important to have a clear idea of how he built the implementation process. For example, the team at VADIM MALTSEV manages all processes from the design, scheduling, procurement, working with contractors to complete installation and the “Wow” effect.

The main thing you have to understand each other perfectly. The designer needs to hear you and lead to a great result with his vision, that’s when you get the project of your dreams.

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