History of VADIM MALTSEV brand goes back to 2010. Ideological designer-inspirer and art director Vadim Maltsev gained his fame in the West due to a steady aspiration to perfection. Being a graduate of Parsons School New York, Vadim drew the attention of the Italian bureau CiarmoliQuedaStudio, who subsequently offered him cooperation. Eight years of international practice allowed him to create his own bureau. Vadim introduces his unique experience: modern, and sometimes radical, following a privileged and complex vocabulary in design.

Currently, VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN office covers several areas, such as interior design for apartments, villas, yachts, restaurants, hotels, creation of custom furniture and architecture for private residences.

VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN projects are very diverse: from apartments in New York, the USA to a caviar bar in Melbourne, Australia. Management and control over all of the processes are carried out by a chief designer and his team, including designers, architects, project managers, etc. For customers that means the highest quality during all stages of the project.

The work of the bureau showcases deep respect for the past, bold ideas of the present and purity of experiments. Filling the house with masterpieces of art, acquired from all over the world, and creating collections of art objects, VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN creates stunning timeless spaces.