Archiwood Showroom

The concept of showroom for Archiwood meets brand’s experimental character. The architectural workshop can skillfully combine various materials in its projects so the interior possesses many varieties of wood and brass. Arches are the main architectural element and also the concept for the room, they are everywhere: in the inner aisles and in the form of a pictures with brass inserts on the parquet floor. But of course, the eye is attracted by duplication of the window arches, which magically distort the space by increasing in size and moving from the central axis with each step. Specially for the interior of showroom, the VADIM MALTSEV bureau developed pieces of furniture: a table, pouffes and a rack that combines a variety of textures: metal, velor, glass and marble. The unity of all makes up the concept of the geometric celebration of Archiwood’s carpentry masters.