The interior Avant-garde represents the amazing dawn of the era of «new time» and «new opportunities» in the post- revolutionary period of Russia of 1920th. It was the time of new economic policy and open horizons. This is how it has been seen by many citizens. Architects could think in an extraordinary way and artists exploded the canons of traditional art schools.

The Apartment is located in the heart of the city — the old outhouse of Sheremetyevsky Palace. In the bedroom, there are two photos by Uldus Bakhtiozina from the Circus series. They are telling about the revolution and opposition of White and Red Movements.

The client found out that under the floors, there could be a treasure laid by the ancestors during revolutionary events. Almost the whole floor was discovered during the repair. The area of the apartment has been greatly expanded. On the main ground floor, there are kitchen-dining room, main bedroom and a wonderful living room with a mezzanine level and another guest bed on it.