Interior for Diana Vishneva

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I always say that the interior is a reflection of a person, his personality. In the March issue of AD Russia @adrussia, you can see the interior of Diana Vishneva @dianavishnevapublic, created by US, the VADIM MALTSEV Design&Decor team. It was an incredibly interesting and complex project. It turned out to be crystal, sincere, clean, airy, light, as you can understand-this is a reflection of the personality of the hostess herself! ⠀ ⠀

Diana, on behalf of the entire team, we want to thank You for the opportunity to work for You and your family! Thank You! ⠀
Interior design, decor and style: @maltsev_design
Interior photos of @stephanjulliard
Photo of the dining group #dmitrytsyrencshikov
Photo of Diana: @yaroshuk
Diana’s style @cakemonst @elanskaya_polina
and special thanks to @babochkapics @l. e. store_saintp @leitmotivsalon ⠀

Funny furniture design

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Top 5 iconic (and not only) items from the world of design that will definitely attract the audience. Bureau VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN&DECOR choice.

1. Him and Her chairs by Fabio Novembre x Casamania

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One of the most talented modern designers and provocateur Fabio Novembre surprises the whole world with shocking objects. When he presented a new collection of Him & Her Chairs at iSaloni in 2008 everyone around blushed. «Only the human body can be perfect,» says the designer, showing chairs that follow the female and male body shapes.

2. Fornasetti Chairs

photo from designboom


Piero Fornasetti, the founder of The Fornasetti brand — became famous for his experimental approach to creating collections. He gave the world unique drawings and prints, which can now be seen on vases, scarves, candles, cups etc. Each Fornasetti piece contains a world of ornaments and psychedelic prints.

3. Misaki Kawai carpet for IKEA Art Event 2019

photo from

The collection «IKEA Art Event 2019» was created by 8 famous designers and artists. These art objects are completely different: from ancient carpet techniques to avant-garde, tattoo style and mix of carpet and sculpture.

This funny carpet was created by world-famous artist Misaki Kawai. She believes that art is fun. «I find inspiration in fun, fluffy and humorous things. The carpet was very comfortable and bright, I think a lot of people will like it» Misaki said.

4. Shiva vase by Ettore Sottsass for BD Barcelona Design

photo from


Ettore Sottsass created the original ceramic vase Shiva for BD Barcelona Design in 1973. Postmodernist, architect and designer started working with BD in the early 1970s, ten years before the creation of the legendary Memphis group.
In 2005 a prototype of this vase in gold colour was made as awards at the international design competition for students.

5. Leda chair by Barcelona Design & Salvador Dali


The moment when humor in design meets surrealism. Another piece of furniture BD and Dali — brass chair with heels called Leda. The Leda chair is like an art object than just furniture. Dali’s painting «a Woman with a head of roses» was the inspiration for this piece of art.

And what design items make you smile?

Memphis, pop culture and the fighting with «good taste»

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The projects of the group Memphis can be described as a synthesis of historical allusions and rock ‘ n ‘ roll. Memphis design aesthetic embodies the 1980s in so many ways: colourful and kitsch. In recent years it’s come back into fashion in a big way.

The Memphis Group was a collaborative design group founded by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass and named after a Bob Dylan song «Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again». During the 1980s, Memphis attracted many supporters and strongly influenced fashion and pop culture. In 1988, the group broke up, but their furniture and interior items have become popular collectibles.

Memphis was fighting with too good taste and functional traditions in the 70s. Through their design traced fun game, freedom, anarchy without rules. Now the form does not follow the function as it was before. In a passionate combination of materials, colors, and shapes, Memphis saw the potential to reach a new stage of development. This freedom of action is so inspiring to a new generation of designers that the Wall Street Journal announced a surge of «neo-Memphis» — a new wave of this extravagant style.


2016 was a year seemingly cursed by high-profile celebrity deaths, including the inimitable David Bowie – who, it transpired, was a hugely prolific collector of Memphis Group artefacts, having accumulated over 400 of them since meeting Sottsass during his heyday in the 1980s. Bowie’s extensive art collection was auctioned at Sotheby’s over three days, raising £1.4 million.


Italian furniture and homewares brand Kartell staged its own tribute to the Memphis design aesthetic in 2015 by finally releasing a range of products that Ettore Sottsass – then in his late 80s – had originally designed for it in 2004. “A Tribute to Memphis” collection included the re-release of the famous items of Urquiola Patricia, Philippe Starck, Piero Lissoni, etc. All these furniture items were in bright new upholstery authorship Ettore Sottsass and Natalie du Pasquier. According to the creators themselves, the new upholstery is a performance in pop art style.


British artist Camille Walala has painted the facade of a building in Brooklyn’s Industry City with geometric patterns and bold colours, completed to coincide with this month’s NYCxDesign festival. The 40-meter-high mural covers the front of a seven-story building, which forms part of a former industrial complex that now houses creative workspaces, production facilities, and event venues.

4 questions for the interior designer

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The process of finding an interior designer is similar to Dating. How to know if you’re on the same page? Are you fit together? Do you have the same vision? These are quite ordinary things that are worth learning from someone who may well become a friend for life. But if you have not worked with designers before and feel confused, turn the script over and take a short interview with them, and we will help you with the questions.

1. What defines your style and where do you find inspiration?

Take a look at the personality of the interior designer, ask him questions “What is your favorite completed project? What are your favorite colors in your projects? Where do you love to travel and how it can reflect in your work? Such questions are the core of the designer’s aesthetics and they will help you to understand how he navigates the creative process. See the favorite project of the chief designer of Vadim Maltsev Bureau

2. What are your experience and education?

Interior design is strongly associated with architecture, so the designer should know engineering communications and the building code well. Moreover, the visual experience is easier to get during the educational process. Every mistake of a beginner is the wasted customer’s money, the work of builders, spoiled building materials. And no one wants the designer to learn the hard way at your expense.

3. What do you find most challenging about designing something?

Understanding where a designer’s strengths and weaknesses lie will help you determine whether it is the right match for your project. You can ask about his negative experience, it will show how he copes with crisis situations.

4. How do you implement projects?

The value of working as a good interior designer goes beyond paying for good taste. Each designer has his own method of work, so it is important to have a clear idea of how he built the implementation process. For example, the team at VADIM MALTSEV manages all processes from the design, scheduling, procurement, working with contractors to complete installation and the “Wow” effect.

The main thing you have to understand each other perfectly. The designer needs to hear you and lead to a great result with his vision, that’s when you get the project of your dreams.

For any advice on interior design services, call us at +7(812)9204247 or write to |

Marina Gisich

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Today we want to tell about Marina Gisich, the founder of one of the first modern art galleries in St. Petersburg @marinagisichgallery .

We used pictures from exhibitions in our projects. The canvas of Gleb Bogomolov from the MARAT project always interests the public

The gallery promotes contemporary art from Russia. “Art should be Russian — not only by place of birth, but by thought ”says Marina in an interview. Marina invites you to the wonderful, uncommon and unusual world of creativity. I recommend you visit her gallery

Diana Vishneva

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Incredible dynamics and power are felt through Oriental motifs. Movement, impregnated with passion, and silhouettes that give inspiration.

Only one shot from the production of Scheherazade with Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomez causes so much emotion. The charming beauty of the east, charged with the talent of the prima ballerina #maltsevinspiration.

Kyuhyung Cho

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Nature is the best source of inspiration. Long ago, mankind used natural objects like naturally created stones as chairs and tables. To create a coffee table with an unusual shape Kyuhyung Cho was inspired by this era

The designer contrasts the imperfect plane of nature with the ideal surface created by man. Thanks to the feature, the whole polished round table top reflects and distorts lights. Although it is not perfectly flat and the edge is curved, things do not get slipped. Low-hill table fits well with other furniture of mete with refined curves.

Is it inventive?

Kara Mann

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Kara Mann is the star of the American fusion. Sometimes her interiors are dramatic, sometimes brilliant, but always inspiring. She has an impressive experience in the fashion industry, which has resulted in a distinctive bold style and personal vision at what true luxury is.