FIFTY FOUR FLOOR PROJECT by VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN&DÉCOR It’s a space where the main role belongs to fantastic view of Moscow and art objects, where each of them can tell a story. The interior represents a modern interpretation of cultural mix in design: here you can see canvases of the Renaissance, mural with allusions, masterpieces of world art. The apartments are located on the 54th floor of the Neva Tower in Moscow City, hence the name of the project.

The author of the project Vadim Maltsev was not looking for simple solutions while creating the interior — informal color combinations with deep and multifaceted shades formed aesthetics of Contemporary chic.

The designer knows how to work with historical heritage. Canvases by Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli perfectly fit into the apartment lounge. The focus of the space is a door with bronze facade, diluting the symmetry with paintings and multi-level furniture. The console, based on the sketches of the bureau, create here a unique atmosphere of architectural symbols. The contrast between the graceful lines of the console emphasizes the marble bench, creating references to Greek mythology. Wall bracket lamp from Vincenzo De Cotiis is an ode to contemporary art, surrounded by classical motifs.

The design of the kitchen is implemented by the French company Obumex according to sketches of bureau where metalized kitchen facades are complemented with candlesticks from Gio Ponti. Strict aesthetics of minimalism shows up through the forms of each item and decoration materials.

Spectacular mix of textures completes the presence of vintage elements in the interior. Castiglioni / Flos Diabolo lamps are painted green metallic specifically for the project.

The design of the living room simultaneously gives the feeling of calm and wonder. Panoramic windows create the airiness of space, which designers have balanced with a group of dark colors. The living room itself looks soaring due to the fabrics and textures on the sofa, chairs and pillows. Vintage armchairs refer to modernist architecture. Bench and floor lamp made by Christian Liaigre, there are Vintage chairs Alta by Oscar Niemeyer (1971).

The apartments have places where a fantastic view of Moscow is invisible, which is balanced by the design. Mirror dressing room with gradient glass produces an unforgettable visual effect that can be compared with the view from the 54 floors of the Neva Tower. It is like a beautiful pearl of the collection in the museum space FIFTY FOUR FLOOR.

“Wardrobe for us has become a symbol of the subconsciousness. Mirror surfaces create a magical corridor, this is a way to the world of creativity, where people of art get ideas for their work”, explains the project art director Vadim Maltsev.

The bathroom associatively reminds of novel Alice in Wonderland. There are filling floor with a pattern of a deck of cards, rounded marble walls, a Patrih by Ettore Sottsass floor lamp, elegant artificial botanical decoration from Agustina Bottoni leaves are made of the thinnest copper and bronze. Smooth lines emphasize the play of colors of noble marble rock.

The master bedroom is a spectacular completion of the many-sided image of the apartments: the works of contemporary artists and art objects create a calm atmosphere, while the materials and colors are responsible for tranquility.

In the master bedroom there is a working area with a Christophe Delcourt table and a Driade chair from Philippe Starck where the owner can concentrate on his work and do it with pleasure. And the space along the viewport is occupied by the Chainmail bench by VADIM MALTSEV, made of the finest weave of chain mail. The original upholstery material, chain mail, makes the item exclusive and unique.

Guest bedroom could impress anyone. Antiquity intertwined with modernism and minimalism with comfort. This is an art space and at the same time the space for relaxation.

The design of wardrobe is based on the sketches of bureau. The sofa is the debut of designer Kirill Ulanov, who brings his vision into the project.

The bedroom is continued with concept of contemporary chic, a functional design with bright details allows you to focus on the main point — rest and comfort.