The customer challenging intricate desires that split the apartment into two parts: round domelight Masina Pendant Lamp by Bert Frank and white distinctive parquet as flashback into 70’s on one side and marble table from the Italians Vittoriafrigerio, colourful pictures aquared at an exhibition in London and a bold pattern on the wallpaper Stag Head Teal by LISA BLISS on the other side as a respect to modern trends of the interior design. Some sections of the old parquet were brought from Italian estates of the client, he wanted to preserve the spirit of his homeland in the new apartment.

This house in New York has a certain valuel : its big windows fill the space with light bright colours in the interior change shades constantly. In particular the sofa purchased at the furniture auction of the great Andy Warhol sparkles blue colours during the day, and mysterious indigo in the night.