«Patres» collection

The Time. The Sobriety. The Precision. The embodiment of Roman severity in the era of safety glass.

PLŪTŌ – The Lord of the Death. The essence of the pure power.

VENUS – The Goddess of beauty, love and passion. The temptation hidden behind the refinement of the lines.

IUPPITER – The father of the Gods. Silence of the power, hiding to the elegance.

CERĒS – The Goddess of harvest and fertility. Unpredictability and waywardness, imprisoned in the monumentality of the form.

NEPTUNUS – The God of the seas. The serenity of character in the rigor of the face.

Glasses are made of crystal, they are completed in pairs.

Supplied in a gift box made of oak or acrylic, of your choice.

Glasses of each type are available to order separately, or the entire collection.