MODERNISME is an architectural project of the VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR bureau. It was based on the concept and stylistic decisions of the modernist era of the early 20th century, as well as impressions of Japan, its temples and pagodas, traditional gardens and nature, as well as asceticism and simple, clear forms. Since contemplation is the path to enlightenment, when designing it was important to open the panoramic points of this project — the view of the mountains and the sea. In addition, a significant role in the landscape: the house and surrounding areas are literally shrouded in greenery, which creates complete unity with nature. Materials and colors are responsible for calm. Architectonics is in clear forms, the primacy of texture and its harmony with the landscape.

The architectural complex consists of three buildings: two main residential buildings, a guest house with a glazed terrace and a garage like a dugout hidden under the ground. All three buildings are united by a terrace from the African mahogany. There is a recreation area with a hearth and a pool with overflow: the surface of the water seems to go to the horizon, and this creates complete unity with nature. The natural slope of the landscape is maximally preserved: zonal alignment has been completed and terracing has been created. Different levels are interconnected by concrete stairs and illuminated ramps. This underlines the minimalism and aesthetics of the landscape. In landscaping the site used various types of mosses, lawns, thujas, several species of pine. For decorating used hazel and persimmon trees.

Technically, the buildings are made of monolithic reinforced concrete, and the facades are made of metal, glass and plaster interspersed with granite chips. Canadian cedar is used to finish the facade of the garage. The project was created using advanced technologies: heating and hot water are generated thanks to the heat pump system, and the roofs of the one-story cottage and guest house are flat and designed to maximize the shade and protect against oblique rains typical of this location. Also on the roofs are solar panels for the accumulation of electricity. Glazing facades include auto-darkening.