The new project Russian Renaissance developed by Vadim Maltsev and his team. The project turned out to be modern and at the same time captured a whole epoch, the whole millennium of Russia. The project uses a designer lamp from the New York brand Pelle. Koket Nahema chairs, and of course the table RENAISSANCE by Vadim Maltsev.

An integral part of culture in Ancient Russia was faith and religion, which philosophy can be traced in the interior: the icon; arched vaults — as an characteristic elements of the Byzantine church style, they are used in the project as separate art objects expressing Russian Orthodox aesthetics.

«Damon» by Rimadesio’s doors succinctly fit into the project, which represent the transition from history to modernity, letting light through the lattice structure. Here, the sconces of the Italian office Apparatus studio and the console BYZANTIUM by Vadim Maltsev, which complement and emphasize the image of the icon. Under the arches of the hall is the Rimadesio Cover freestanding wardrobe, which is not only used for storing things, but is also a showcase of decorative and collectible items.

A new modern page of Russian interior design, without parodies, replicas and similarities, begins with the Russian Renaissance project.
Russian design is a powerful force with new and young talents. VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN & DECOR | FURNITURE Bureau re-establishes a true and unshakable love for Russianness!