Funny furniture design

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Top 5 iconic (and not only) items from the world of design that will definitely attract the audience. Bureau VADIM MALTSEV DESIGN&DECOR choice.

1. Him and Her chairs by Fabio Novembre x Casamania

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One of the most talented modern designers and provocateur Fabio Novembre surprises the whole world with shocking objects. When he presented a new collection of Him & Her Chairs at iSaloni in 2008 everyone around blushed. «Only the human body can be perfect,» says the designer, showing chairs that follow the female and male body shapes.

2. Fornasetti Chairs

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Piero Fornasetti, the founder of The Fornasetti brand — became famous for his experimental approach to creating collections. He gave the world unique drawings and prints, which can now be seen on vases, scarves, candles, cups etc. Each Fornasetti piece contains a world of ornaments and psychedelic prints.

3. Misaki Kawai carpet for IKEA Art Event 2019

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The collection «IKEA Art Event 2019» was created by 8 famous designers and artists. These art objects are completely different: from ancient carpet techniques to avant-garde, tattoo style and mix of carpet and sculpture.

This funny carpet was created by world-famous artist Misaki Kawai. She believes that art is fun. «I find inspiration in fun, fluffy and humorous things. The carpet was very comfortable and bright, I think a lot of people will like it» Misaki said.

4. Shiva vase by Ettore Sottsass for BD Barcelona Design

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Ettore Sottsass created the original ceramic vase Shiva for BD Barcelona Design in 1973. Postmodernist, architect and designer started working with BD in the early 1970s, ten years before the creation of the legendary Memphis group.
In 2005 a prototype of this vase in gold colour was made as awards at the international design competition for students.

5. Leda chair by Barcelona Design & Salvador Dali


The moment when humor in design meets surrealism. Another piece of furniture BD and Dali — brass chair with heels called Leda. The Leda chair is like an art object than just furniture. Dali’s painting «a Woman with a head of roses» was the inspiration for this piece of art.

And what design items make you smile?